Our Process Puts You in the Driver's Seat

We always start with purpose and strategy. Then, and only then, do we move onto design. Below is our process from soup to nuts!

We talk with you regarding what your site should do and look like, and how best to achieve this.

We then structure your site, starting with a site-map (an overall view of how the site is structured) down to wireframes, which detail the basic elements and their placement on pages to be designed.

Once the structure is in place, we create a design that will best represent both your firm and the purpose of your site.

We then create the site, using your content, and test not only each element, page and section of it, but also how it looks across different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.).

When we have finished production and all is approved by you, we publish the site!

We provide you and your team with training on how to use the content management system, so you can update the site as you need, post blogs, news items, etc.