No Bait and Switch!

Great Features. No BS.

We’ve been making “big law” websites since 2001 for some of the most prestigious firms in the world. Now, AttyHub brings those tools and expertise to small law firms. Tiered pricing is based on the number of attorneys, so it's both fair and transparent, with no surprises. There are no long-term contracts, a typical site takes three to five weeks or so to create (vs months) – and we are known for having some of the best customer service in the industry. 

Smart, Modern Designs

Your website is often the very first impression a client has of you. If it looks terrible, is slow, hard to read, harder to use or doesn't work well on mobile - you've lost the game before it's even started.

But up until now, really good legal website designs with all the modern features that clients expect have been reserved for larger firms - mostly because those firms had big budgets.

AttyHub websites are beautifully designed and made to showcase your work in a way that your clients can understand and act upon.

Bio Microsites

Good bios are the most important part of a legal website. Period.

85% of all law firm website traffic goes to bios. In fact, the simplest form of a solo website is a well thought out and presented bio.

Bio microsites take the bio to the next level. By featuring a great picture and then presenting everything related to a lawyer within that bio using tabs to delineate different sections, a visitor never has to leave your bio page to get a sense of who you are and what you've done.

People buy from people they trust - and your bio, properly done, is one of the best ways to establish or reinforce that trust.

Automated SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a place where you can get taken to the cleaners because few really understand what it actually is or how it actually works. This annoys us to no end because Google actually publishes their recommended best practices for ranking within their search engine.

That means about 80% of SEO can be fully automated. Guess what? We've gone ahead and done that.

Every AttyHub site is optimized right out of the gate - we've automated titles, keywords, description fields, semantic markup, structured data and all the other stuff that is recommended. Not only that, but every time you update the site, it automatically notifies Google that a page has changed or been added - so it can get indexed that much faster!

And all of this is 100% included at no extra cost.

Easy to Edit

With AttyHub, you're in the driver's seat. Need to update your bio? Log in and update it online - with a computer, tablet or phone. We've heard stories of our clients updating their site in a cab on the way to a meeting. No waiting for your web firm to get back to you. Want to add a blog item or update your practice? How about the home page? Maybe even rearrange the home page? Yep! Piece of cake. Ask for a demo, you'll be blown away at how easy AttyHub is!

Mobile Friendly

Your clients aren't going mobile. They went mobile years ago. More than half the searches on Google are now done from a phone. If your site isn't mobile friendly, you're losing business. Really. One of Google's page rank signals is mobile. Your site WILL be ranked lower if it's not mobile friendly.

All AttyHub sites are mobile and work great on tablets and phones - and, of course, on desktops and laptops too. Again, we think it's so essential that mobile friendly is included at no extra charge.

High Security

It's a big bad world out there. Website hacking is a real thing. Not only defacing, but being held for ransom. We've built and hosted some of the highest profile sites in the world and have never been hacked because we are obsessed with security. Here are just some of the things that are included with AttyHub:

  • Always on SSL (your site always uses encryption)
  • Hardened world-class networks (we're on the Google Cloud Platform)
  • Automated DDoS (denial of service) mitigation
  • Available two-step authentication
  • Methods and scripts automated to mitigate against cross-site scripting and other javascript vulnerabilities
  • No 3rd party plugins (the #1 security vulnerability in WordPress)
  • And that's the tip of the iceberg. We take security seriously to protect you, your business and your image

Social Integration

AttyHub leverages social in a few ways:

First, we prominently display links to your social platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This way people can visit those sites and see what you've got to say.

Second, we provide an easy way for people to share your content with their friends or colleagues. The sharing feature allows you to track clicks, but does not share this information with third parties like free tools such as AddThis or other free plugins.

Third, we automatically format the sharing feature so that your page shows up well on these social sites.

In develpment is the ability to automatically post articles you create on your website to LinkedIn or Twitter with one click - to save you time and cast a wider net. Of course, when we roll that out, it will be included!

Built in Blog

We have a full-featured, integrated blogging feature, so there's no need to maintain two websites. This allows you to drive traffic to just one site, instead of two. Blogging is a great way to start a content marketing campaign, and AttyHub makes it quick and easy.

Lead Generation

Some websites are used to reinforce credibility, others are used to get business. A lot of smaller firms are looking to leverage their site and actually generate leads. The idea of lead generation from a website is offering good content for free and premium content in exchange for contact information, then capturing that information so you can act on it.

One of the optional features within AttyHub is the idea of "gated content." This presents a form to collect information when someone wants to download premium content. They need to give you a real email address or they won't get the content! We also incorporate other calls to action such as a "Request a Consultation" form that can also generate leads. Another nice feature is the ability to automatically put form information into our integrated eBlast newsletter system.

Gated content is an add-on. A simple "Request a Consultation" form is included.

Optional eBlast System

An optional module within AttyHub is the newsletter system. This replaces systems like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp and allows you to send up to 100,000 emails a month for the base fee.

Our system is unique in that we can leverage content on the website and automatically create the HTML needed for the eblast. This allows you to easily promote content on your site with a summary and link back to the site, which will drive more traffic.

Send from any address (yours or a general marketing email address) and get full stats on delivery, bounces, bad addresses, etc. You can create as many groups as you'd like (often associated with different practices or interests) and send to multiple groups at the same time without fear of duplicate emails being sent.

With our system, you have a dedicated IP address which means that your email reputation is your own. Unlike shared IP systems where you are more likely to get marked as spam because of someone else's bad email behavior, your email is more likely to actually get delivered.

More in Development

Website technology is always developing. And so are we. If we find a new technology or develop a new feature that will help improve your site, we will let you know, and update your site with this technology or feature - free of charge.

AttyHub is already the best platform for making legal websites in its class - and the best is yet to come!

10 Reasons You'll AttyHub!
  1. Cutom, full-featured legal marketing websites designed for the small law firm
  2. Same powerful content management tools used by AmLaw 100 Firms
  3. Pricing that's tailored for small firms
  4. Fast, reliable and highly secure cloud hosting
  5. You own all content and analytics
  6. No long-term contracts
  7. Get up and running quickly
  8. Automated SEO
  9. Attorney bio microsites
  10. Friendly people with years of legal marketing and technical experience to help answer your questions